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I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this bag..My husband and I love cute diaper bag backpacks (although there aren’t tons of those out there that are meant for diaper bag purposes), we always look around for some that we love..Especially in this color! And when I saw this one I knew I would be in love with it! Actually to be honest, the night I found out about them I told Ry right away when he got home and showed him the pics of it and he loved it too! So when I got it a few days ago I switched all of our stuff over to it immediately and I am more in love with it now that I am actually using it!

It’s soooo functional and makes sense for the busy mom life and it’s super comfy on the shoulders too! And one of my favorite things is that it keeps its shape no matter whats inside…That’s probably a silly thing to notice for most of you, but for me I really hate bags that get too flimsy and you have to dig through them for what you need..I hate that! But this backpack is so easy to use and when you open it, you can see everything you have in there. It has pockets along the interior for bottles, etc. And it even has an insulated pocket! It comes with a changing pad, and it also has zipper pockets! One on the outside and on the inside too. Bonus, there are two slip pockets on the sides for easy access to things you need quick. As a busy mom I need these types of pockets in my diaper bag cause I hate having to open the whole thing up just for my keys real quick or phone. These easy pockets make it nice to throw my phone in and then grab it again quickly when I need it.

Bonus to all of this is the colors and styles! The overall look of the bag is soooo classy! And the red interior is amazing too! The look is designer material and the best part is, right now it’s on major sale! Pre-order now for half off!

Here’s the website again:

Now go get your bags! You will thank me later!



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