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My husband Ryan and I grew up in Southern California and our families were good friends. We didn’t hang out much when we were kids, and it wasn’t until we were in college that we got to know each other better. Ryan gave me a ride to see my family over the holidays, and we immediately realized there was a spark. I remember we drove the whole road trip talking, catching up and having a lot of fun. I was only visiting family for 2 weeks up in Utah and that’s about all it took to find out Ryan was my guy. We both knew so quickly that we didn’t want anyone else, this has to be the easiest / best decision I ever made! I was just 18 years old, and he was 22. We got married and two years later our beautiful daughter Aliah was born.


We finished college together and in my last semester I decided to start my blog Style Stun. I had never thought about blogging, but I have always loved fashion. I am the youngest of 14 kids, and so I was always the one to help my older sisters pick out their outfits. I just love it!

After college we moved down to Ventura County, California where we live today. We have fallen in love with this area, and spend a lot of our time exploring what’s around us. My husband and I have always wanted me to get to stay home with Aliah and our future kids too, while he supports us. I love being a full-time mom and spending every day with my baby girl. We get to embark on so many adventures together. I do the blog during nap times, or bed times and I do my best to not mix blogging with time with Aliah. Time with her is so precious to me, so we try to spend it together while we can and then work when she sleeps. This has been the best work / life balance for me so that I don’t miss any of the stages she goes through that seems to go so fast!


As a mom my style has shifted a little and I really love that. I have become more of a casual person so that I can run around and play more with Aliah. I still love to dress up, like every Sunday for church and some nights when we go out. But, Converse, New Balance, sandals and boots, have been some of the best things for me! I love to find items for my wardrobe that are in style, modest and super comfortable. Also, for my blog, my goal has been to show other moms what I actually wear to go out. I don’t want to have to change too much just for pictures… I like to be pretty realistic. Even with my more casual style, I still like to feel feminine in everything I wear. Aliah is just like her mommy and is as girly as it gets. She loves big hats, dresses that make her feel like a princess, any kind of flats, and sparkles. She and I are both big fans of pink. I love that she has more opinions about what she wears now, because she really is coming up with her own little style as time goes on. And I love giving her some options so that she can develop her independence.  Ry has become way more open to style for himself. He used to be nervous about trying new things, and now he is open to new ideas and styles. If I buy him something different, he confidently adds it into his wardrobe. It makes dressing my whole family that much more fun!


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