Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Handbags, handbags, handbags...
I love them! I definitely don't have enough yet..but purses are such a good thing to have a lot of. If there is one key thing I have learned about how to throw an outfit together, it is ALL in the details. The handbag, scarf, shoes, makeup, etc. 
Literally it can make the whole look completely different and that's the sort of thing that gets forgotten about a lot of times. 
So, for your accessory shopping, Handbag Heaven has so many inexpensive options for purses, you should go check it out. There are lots of options I looked through and loved for their designer style, with smaller price tags. This is always a good thing!
Scarves dot net has adorable scarves AND they share with you how to tie them certain ways, and how to wear them!
Both are accessories that are necessities.

Happy Holiday Shopping!!


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Friday, November 21, 2014

Blanket Scarf....


The blanket scarf is sooo cozy..I love it. It's big so there are many possibilities with how to wear one! And it is not possible to not feel super comfy in one. I think scarves are a real must-have in this cold season, because they make all the difference in your outfit! Taralynn's Boutique has a lot of scarves for women that are beautiful and warm..AND would make an incredible Christmas gift this year! 

I hope you enjoy as you begin the prepping in your holiday shopping lists, and have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nordstrom Shoes...and other faves..

I usually like to put together a cute outfit that I love on a collage and post it for you, but today I thought I would show you what's currently in my shopping cart at Nordstrom. I was going through it all yesterday and realized if I love all of these items than maybe you would too! I know that womens clothes can be tough to shop online through, but I promise you I haven't had any issues with Nordstrom yet..I follow the size charts they have and it always seems to be perfect.
So, here you go!

I already have these on their way! I will have to let you know what I think when I get them..
I love boyfriend jeans, but I have to say I am pretty picky. I have gotten some that are so cute in the front, but the back pocket is weird or too high up or too small or whatever...So I am getting these, because the destroyed look is perfect and not too many open holes (I don't like showing too much of my leg) and the back pockets look perfect. Low enough, but not too low, and the right size.  

 Nordstrom shoes are my faves!! These maroon booties I have had my eye on for some time....They are soo beautiful to me with the texture and height...I feel like they're a necessity!! Anyway, this color is the new black this season so a pair of these in this color would mix things up, but keep it classy.

The Rag n Bone white jeans are perfect because, I need a new pair of white denim..I know that the rule of thumb is no white after labor day or whatever, but first of all when it comes to fashion, I am not really a rule follower and second of all, white for the winter is in now..winter white is gorgeous and mixes up all of the dimmer colors in your wardrobe. I need these and the brand is super good! Rag n Bone is amazing and I usually don't jump on them because of the price, but these are under $100 and a really good deal!

Over the knee heeled boots is a major thing on the top of my list...
I have a few boots that are over the knee and I am obsessed....but, I just feel like a pair of these, with the heel would make some of my looks way dressier and they would become a total staple in my wardrobe. Also, these are reasonably priced and super pretty..

Of course I can't forget that I have been on the hunt for cute new track of sweat pants for lounging. I want more cute pairs for walking down the beach or just having movie night at home with my family. These are so inexpensive and comfy...

I hope you enjoy!!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Waterfall Cardigan...

So we have been finally settling into our new little place and I almost forgot how much I miss decorating! On Saturday, Ry and I went looking for some things to put in our apartment and found the best rug and curtains, so our place seems so comfortable and homey. 
I have started to get lots of fun ideas of what I can do so now its going to be fun to put it altogether and start creating! 
I promised you I had another piece from Wearall that I loved so here it is! I got this waterfall cardigan because sometimes when its cold, you want to wear something that covers you up a little and gives you another layer, but also have a look that is different. This cardigan is perfect for this because of the leather sleeve look. It throws in that little extra touch.
While I am talking about things to wear, it is almost getting to Christmas time, and I have been making my list of what I need to get for people, and Wearall has a lot of other good options, like more sweaters for women that I have been loving. 
Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I found this cute jumpsuit that I thought I would throw in below...I thought it was sooo perfect and wanted to share!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dress Up....

Look Under $100

Look Under $130

Look Under $200

Here is some baby girl inspiration too!
Because I can't be a total dress up girl, and not dress up my own little princess..

I have been in heaven with all of the sweater dresses and I love to dress up!
So, I have rounded up some amazing dresses and compiles a little look to go along with them..
I hope you enjoy!

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