Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lysse Leopard Print Dress...

Lysse has always been one of my favorite companies when I want fashionable mixed with comfort. I have a few pairs of pants from Lysse and this dress and seriously all of them have something in common: Super flattering and super comfortable.
This dress is fun and different, which is why I love it..but my favorite thing about it, is that it has the body conscious look, without the self conscious problems..haha what I mean is, it is designed to keep the tummy tucked and make you feel and look thinner. This ruche on the dress is there to help with that, and the fabric is perfectly designed to be smoothing and soft.

Gorgeous Photography by Paige Hurst Photos..

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Must Haves...And Giveaway!

Someone asked me recently what my must haves were...basically what I couldn't live without. I though about this for a while and as I would get ready every day I would think hard about what things I needed more than others....The staple items in my life.
Here is what I came up with:

Untitled #9

1. Denim Jacket//
The denim jacket is a fashion style that is very versatile. It's one of those pieces in my wardrobe that I buy thinking it can go with a couple of things, and all of the sudden every day I am finding that I need it to add to almost everything! The cute dress, the plain pants and a tee, and so much more..

2. The White Tee//
The white tee should be pretty self explanatory...It is the most basic and essential style must have I own. It is the thing that can be thrown on when there is no other idea for what to wear and it takes no effort. The white tee can be kept casual, or dressed up easily.

3. Bold Lip Color//
When I am running around town and feel like my look is more plain and simple, I love adding a bold lip color to add the fun feeling to my look.
This is the item I carry in every bag I take (including the diaper bag) because I never want to find myself without my lipstick!

4. Bronzer//
Bronzer is my everyday need! If I had to choose something to keep out of my makeup collection, I would keep my bronzer. This helps to keep my skin vibrant and with some color in it.
It is for sure a must-have.

5. The Gold Watch//
My gold watch is seriously the piece I add to every outfit. Literally it can be chill and enhance a simple look, or can be made to look more fancy and chic. This is the jewelry piece I can't find myself ever living without.

I had to add a few from my Ry's because if anyone knows us, he cares just as much about his health and style as I do..That's a lot!

1. Got to be glued Styling Gel
He needs this for his perfect hair...every day

2. White shoes//
These go with every outfit and add to his Nautical style

3. Chapstick//
Everywhere Ry goes, I know he is carrying his chapstick along...You never want to be without soft lips!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Vegas Style Night-Time Look

My Vegas Style Day-Time Look

My Vegas Style Day-Time Look

The Aria resort in La's Vegas is the kind of place that has everything from day-time fun with shopping, pools and spa to the night life of Cirque Du Soleil, dining and much more. For my Aria Inspired Day time look, I chose pieces that had an easy transition from day to night. The sequin skirt is the key piece to keep because it can be fun and flirty and then with a few changes, can be sophisticated and flashy. The pieces that are the day time are inspired for the amenities offered throughout the day like, the gladiator sandals for walking and shopping, the bigger purse to carry what you need throughout the day, the relaxed shirt and long necklace to keep it relaxed and the nude lipstick to keep the look day-time and toned down.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Girls Best Friend...

This week My Ry is walking with his Bachelor's Degree from BYU..I cannot tell you guys how stoked I am to watch my hubby walk across that stage with our little cheerleader (stay tuned for her little get-up). I seriously will cry..So this celebration means we get to road trip it up to Utah! I am actually so excited because I want to spend some time with my family and go visit some of our favorite places. 
When I go on a road trip we leave super early in the morning so that the trip is easier on Aliah..And that means we don't take a lot of time to get ready in the morning, so my go-to beauty trick for road trips is lipstick..
Lipstick is my life saver for these days because I feel pretty and fun, even in a long car ride. So, this shirt was so fitting for me, because lets be honest..I really do LOVE lipstick!

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