Pink Lace Dress-Sign Here Vinyl//White Blazer-Similar//Heels-Similar//

Okay this dress is seriously so beautiful! One of my favorite Go-To spots for modest, comfortable and stylish dresses is Sign Here Vinyl.

I go and see what they have all the time and it’s where I have gotten quite a few of my dresses from. These lace ones they have right now were ones that I have searched high and low for, for like ever. A classic, straight, knee length, with sleeves, lace dress is seriously non existent especially at a good price range. So it’s been on my radar to find one for a looong time and the minute I saw these lace dresses I died! I had to have a few colors, cause I know they will be used A LOT.

This pink one has already been worn a lot and is soooo feminie and classic. It’s so simple but so beautiful.

Go see their dresses here///

And stay tuned cause you will see a few more of these on me!


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It’s true that sometimes simple outfits are the best kind — they’re timeless and always look great. But what happens when you’ve worn all your simple outfits and you’re starting to get a bit bored? Instead of going out to purchase all new clothes, there is one easy technique that can completely transform your existing looks. It’s called layering.

Layering is extremely useful because you can create so many fresh styles with many of the things you already own. It’s also a great way to make less conservative pieces more modest and wearable if you feel like being covered up!

There are some tried-and-true layering techniques that I always love to bring a little something extra to my outfits. Sometimes I like a nice cardigan to wear with casual tees, and there are some really fabulous structured pieces out there for a more polished look. Here are some of the ways you can layer to bring out the best of your wardrobe.

Mix in an unexpected texture
This is a great tip from Lauren Conrad’s blog that will definitely make your layers more flattering instead of bulky. LC says, “It’s best to incorporate a mix of materials when styling a layered look. If you use all of the same fabrics, your look will come off as heavy and dowdy.”

Proportions are everything
The key to successful layering really comes down to proportions. Your outerwear shouldn’t extend lower than your dress hem, and a poorly cropped sweater can just look plain silly. Make sure everything feels balanced even if the garments aren’t all the same length — you’ll get a better feel for this when trying on different options. In this case, a floor-sweeping overcoat over a dress can look really chic in the wintertime.

Don’t be afraid to contrast styles
When it comes to mixing up styles we found some great inspiration from Lyst’s edit, such as choosing a denim jacket, which is the perfect addition to an otherwise sweet outfit. When you contrast styles, you get a cool, unique look that is totally your own. It also opens up your mind to creating even more interesting combinations, making your clothes work overtime for you!

Work with your body, not against it
A lot of times, we draw style inspiration from other fashion bloggers or celebrities. Although it’s a good starting point, you must also remember that none of us are built exactly the same. A petite frame doesn’t do well with too many oversized, draped materials, and a more athletic upper body might not be comfortable in a slim, tailored blazer. Know what’s best for you, and as always, stick to your personal style!

Keep pieces in the same color family
If you aren’t sure whether or not your colors clash, then they probably do. Instead of choosing random hues from your closet, take this idea from J. Crew’s stylist, Gayle Spannaus. She notes that starting with one color is the best approach. “If you’re layering neutrals, keep it neutral. If it’s jewel tones, keep it jewel tones,” she says. A good rule of thumb for any rookie!

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Here are some of my favorite denim jackets from Lyst

Here//And here//

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PUR Cosmetics:

Jumbo Bronzer//Moonlight Glow Strobe Highlight Palette//Sun-kissed Glow Strobe Palette//

I love playing with new makeup..PUR Cosmetics is a brand I wasn’t too familiar with as of a few months ago. But then I got these three products in the mail and have been testing them out since! I got the Jumbo Bronzer, and two contouring/highlighting palettes. In the photos I used the lighter palette on my face, but I have also used the darker one and I like it. I like that the palettes are cream application. They look like a powder finish once it’s on. The bronzer is a powder and it goes on just the same. It is huge! I love this feature, cause it allows me to use my normal size brush to grab either more shimmery side or the more matte side depending on the look I want. Or I can mix it up and pick up a little of both.

The thing I would say about all this make-up is that a little goes a long way. I did mine pretty noticeable and I barely used any of the makeup on my brushes. I love that cause it will last a long time.

You can buy PUR Cosmetics online, or at ULTA.


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Floral Jeans-Similar//Sandals-Gray Monroe//Earrings-Similar//

I always love a floral print, especially in dresses or tees. I love that this is a tee so it’s easy to throw with other things and layer. has daily deals that are always changing. They literally always have something I love and I try to get on there every week or so and check out what new things they have to offer. Go see the deals they have going on right now!



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