Flannel Tunic-Nordstrom//Leather Leggings-Similar//Booties-similar//Sunnies-Nordstrom//

I can’t get enough of flannel/plaid shirts right now!!! This one is longer and super slim which makes it super flattering to wear!

Nordstrom has so many cute options for flannels this year. If you haven’t checked it out, you need to..I love their price ranges and different styles they offer.

Happy Friday!



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If you’re like me, you like to use items of clothing from your own closet to come up with something to be for Halloween. I have a hard time spending a huge effort on a costume I don’t feel super comfortable in, or one I won’t wear for long. I love though, grabbing stuff I already know fits me well and using it to come up with fun costume ideas! So this year I have been brainstorming ideas for me to be, and I decided I would share those with you!

1. Army Person (Wear all camo plus combat boots and put black under your eyes)

2. Minnie mouse (Polka dot shirt/red with minnie ears on and red lipstick)

3. An M&M with a solid color Tee (just add the letters on in tape of marker)

4. Runner (pin some numbers to your shirt like you’re in a race)

5. Leopard (wear leaopard print and/or a fur vest with it with kitty ears)

6. A nerd (big glasses, long socks, suspenders if you want to get crazy)

I hope these help you comeup with something, even if it’s last minute these are easy to throw together! I have linked some items that go along with this below if that helps too!



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Top-Greenish Shop//Shorts-Target//Sandals-Target//Sunnies-Nordstrom//

I know you’re thinking, how can I be wearing a sweater and pants one day, and a short sleeved shirt with shorts another? Well, this is the weather for ya! And I love it! We get a little bit of both right now which is kind of nice, cause it means I get to still wear some fun summery things, while some days I get to start transitioning into fall! This look is for days like this, that are warm still coming in and out of the fall days. This shirt is perfect for this, it is SO pretty!! And so flattering!! I wore it for my birthday and I LOVE it! ย I have a red one too that I cannot wait to show you!



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Sweater-Hazel Rae//Denim Joggers-Forever 21//Shoes-Steve Madden//Sunnies-Nordstrom//

This Two-Toned Grey Sweater from Hazel Rae is so comfortable and perfect for fall! I love the casual look for the days like this, when I want to run around and get lots of things done, but feel cute still. Today is your lucky day because it is on!! Make sure you go check out the sale and see what else is available too! I always get caught up on that site…I love it!

Happy Tuesday!!


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