Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Sales....

When I hear the word SALES I get kind of excited...There are so many great ones I can't wait to tell you about...And I found some cute ideas for the whole family! (well, my whole family)...

Some of my favorite Labor Day Sales are listed for you because I am so excited about these ones...

Sephora is having a summer sale...75% off summer faves..
Old Navy is having a 40% off the entire store..
J.Crew is 40% off final sales
Target is having a 25% off select items..
Baublebar is having a 50% off labor day sale..
BCBG generation is 40% off site-wide!!

Enjoy and good luck on this happy Labor Day!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Burberry Cat Eye Sunglasses...

I have been so excited to share with you, my collaboration I have been working on with is a unique online retailer because they offer prescription sunglasses. These Burberrys, which I have been swooning over for a while now, have the option of being prescription sunglasses! I love this feature because it really opens up the possibilities to anyone who still loves the look and can appreciate designer prescription sunglasses.
I loved this pair because they have a classic design, with a very slight cat eye look..They really are so gorgeous.. is offering all of my readers $20 off of $100 or more!
Just use the code STYLESTUN20

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jamberry Nails Review

I love having my nails painted, as many if you can always see..But sometimes its frustrating to have it peel or chip easily and sometimes I just want to have a longer lasting perfect nail design look for days or even weeks! 

So, my friend came to me and showed me Jamberry. Jamberry nails are awesome because they stick on with heat and last for weeks. Another thing I like about them is that the pack comes with enough to do a few sets on your nails and even toes too!
I have got to say, Jamberry has lot of different nail art designs which makes it so easy to choose lots that you love. There are so many options!
There are all different sizes so its easy to make use out of all of the nail sheets..
I just had to do a Jamberry nails review to share with all of you!

Here is what I did:
1. I cleaned my nail off to make the surface nice and smooth and let it completely dry. 

2. Match up the nail sheet sizes to my nails.

3. Grab a small pair of scissors and a hair dryer along with a tool to press down nail designs after they are placed on. Also, you will need a nail file for the end.

4. Remove the sticky part from the sheet and heat it up with the hair dryer. 

5. Carefully place nail sheet onto nail and press it down thoroughly and on all of the edges.

6. Using small scissors, cut excess nail sheet off.

7. I used a nail file and I filed all of the edges and smoothed out my nail to blend in perfectly with the nail art design.

Not too bad, right?
So, the funny part is, when my friend came to me with Jamberry designs I picked these glitter metallic ones and she informed me that the metallic ones are sightly more difficult to try for your first time than any other. I had to go with my heart though on this one so I chose them anyway, up for the challenge, and you now what? 
it was not too bad at all..They were easy to put on, just make sure your thorough and they stay stuck on no matter what I did! Like dishes, cleaning, washing my hands, you name it!
I loved having Jamberry nails on and I ill definitely use them again, especially when I don't want to worry about chipping and want nice gorgeous nails for a long time!

Make sure to check out all of their options by clicking, here!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gold Layering Necklaces….

So…as a mommy I have to be honest, as much as I LOVE chunky jewellery, its not my every day. It for sure can make me feel like a big deal when I need to be dressed up, or add more to my outfit, but my go to chic and classiness, comes in simple, dainty pieces. I was so excited to find Keeping It Chic's Etsy shop because there are so many beautiful gold necklaces (and other things too!) but they couldn't be closer to my style.  I saw them and was instantly in love because this is the type of jewellery that I like to wear on a daily basis: Gold layering necklaces.
I literally have worn this gold initial necklace (which I am dying over) and this gold heart necklace layered together every single day…whatever I am wearing, they go with it..

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Blue and Gold...

Photography by Paige Hurst Photos.

Blue and gold has always been one of my favorite is striking and classy. I can never get over the cobalt and the way it goes along with any season. For fall trends, this cobalt is a must! It transitions into the new season perfectly.

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