This year for Valentines day I thought about what to do as a mommy for Aliah…When I was growing up, my mom would give me my own box of conversation hearts and it was my favorite Valentine’s day tradition. I don’t want to go crazy about gifts on each little holiday, but I still am the kind of mom that likes to make everything a bigger deal for my kids. On that note..

I love getting Aliah books as often as I can, because we read to her every single night, and I want her to love good books. So, as silly as this sounds, I thought why not get her a cute book that I wanted anyway for her, and make it her Valentines day gift form us?

Aliah has been collecting (since Christmas) the Pinklalicious books which are adorable books for little girls by the way, and There are some I still want  to get her, and when I found this one in particular on Amazon I knew this would be the perfect gift, paired with some conversation hearts of course!

I hope this helps give you moms and dads some ideas for kids on Valentines day, I know it is simple, but it is so fun to be festive and enjoy every holiday!


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White Tee-Mykle LA//Purple Cardigan-Target//Denim-Nordstrom//Leopard Print Booties-ZooShoo//Black Bag-Handbag Heaven//Lipstick-Mac Pink Nouveau//Ray-Bans-Glasses.Com//

 Happy Hump Day!!

Today Glasses.Com and I have a special gift to give you:

The Bright Side of Cold Weather Giveaway! 

Glasses.Com has a bright side of the cold weather feature to their site to showcase their sunglasses for every category of your winter season! They have the Ski-Bunny, Urbanite, and Adventurer so you can choose your winter style.

The Ray-Ban Erikas I chose, are from the Adventurer section and I loved them because they signify having fun to me. Throughout every season you want to be having fun, but winter is harder to enjoy when it’s freezing outside and there is less to do, so I like to do all I can to enjoy what is here for me through the winter. And I have to be honest, now that I am a Cali Girl, I get to have a lot of fun through the winter season, and these sunglasses are the perfect accessory to have!

So..think about your perfect pair and here are the rules:

The Bright Side of Cold Weather Giveaway-

One day only, enter to win $200.00 in Glasses.Com Gift Card!

1. Follow and @stylestun on Instagram and

2. Tag a friend who brightens up your winter days!

Good Luck and I will have a winner for you tomorrow!



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Ry’s Look: Navy Suit Pants-H&M//Navy Jacket-H&M//White Shirt-H&M//Black Shoes, Similar//Socks, similar//Tie-Michael Kors//

Aliah’s Look//White Dress-Similar and way on sale!//Grey Tights-Gap//Gunmetal Flats-Gap//Denim Jacket-Gap//Necklace-Twisted Silver//

I love getting my whole family all dressed up every week for church. It literally is so fun to do, not just for my outfits, but for these two as well! This is Ry’s Favorite suit from H&M, which is super affordable and they look really nice., so I had to share what they looked like on Sunday.

Aliah is Daddy’s little girl for sure and loves being with him. She stole his phone during this shoot and had to try to take pictures of herself and then of her and her daddy. (I don’t know who taught her that!)

Anyway, I hope you have a good Tuesday!



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Pink Shirt-Nordstrom//Jeans-Nordstrom//DV Booties, similar//Black Bag-Handbag Heaven//Wrap Bracelet-Luxe Statements (on sale!)//

This Luxe Statements wrap bracelet is simple and beautiful, something I like to wear with lots of different looks.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday, and thank you so much for being so patient with me while I have been completely re-doing my whole website! It is so much work and I am so excited to get it all rebuilt so that it’s better for all of you!!



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