Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This look I put together was inspired by my favorite season..fall! This leather pencil skirt is a major obsession of mine...
Pencil skirts are a must anyway, but why not spice things up with a different texture and look for the new season!
I hope you enjoy!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Hoop Earrings...

I know I have talked about how amazing Chloe and Isabel is with all of their gorgeous jewellery already..but I have to tell you, I have loved these silver pieces! Silver Jewellery is beautiful and reminds me a lot of the fall and winter seasons. Especially the sparkly kind...I love this layer pendant necklace with the splashes of color, and the pave hoop earrings are to die for! I have worn them almost everyday the past week! They are a perfect silver jewellery option for dressing up whatever you're wearing. And they are the perfect size and sparkle just enough.

Thank you for all of your comments and wonderful support, I love my followers!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Wrap Bracelet...

So for those of you who follow my Instagram know that yesterday was my birthday..It was such a fun day mostly because Ry always makes it super special, from the beginning of the day with breakfast in bed, to the night time party with all of our family. I feel so lucky to make it another year and be enjoying my life with my beautiful family. 
I love dressing up on these occasions, well most days anyway...but especially for these occasions, and jewelry is a big part of that!
This wrap bracelet from Chloe and Isabel is to die for! I have loved wrap bracelets since I was young. I love how simple it is, but it has a stacking type look. This wrap bracelet is the type that you can wear for anything, And I mean literally anything. I wore it to be out in the boat all day for our family vacation, and then to dress up for a night out, I tied it on my wrist and it was beautiful.
Chloe and Isabel has something for everyone's budget, because they have a price range with pieces from $18 to $188. Also, their jewelry is always hypoallergenic, nickel free and lead safe. They have a gorgeous September birthstone line and I will be posting a little about this next post! So stay tuned!

And the winner for the 2 $50 giveaways is....
Julie Huffaker!
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Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shabby Apple...

A beautiful pencil dress can be hard to find, especially one that is the perfect length, not too pricey, and comfortable to some degree..Shabby Apple has always been an online shop for me to have these options. Shabby Apple has a huge selection of dresses that are so affordable and gorgeous. 

One of the things I love most about them is that they are not your average dress shop. You really can't find lots of things like them everywhere you go, and in this way, they are so unique. I seriously have been visiting their site since I was a teenager (not that it was that long ago, but still its been years!)

I was thrilled to be able to show off one of my favorites from their line. They are constantly getting new pieces and designs in, which makes it fun to keep up with. I hope you have an amazing Wednesday!
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting Dressed...for you...

Today I am guest blogging on As Darling Does blog, so I thought I would let my readers be a part of it too!

When I became a momma, (seriously the best thing in the world), I realized just how much I gave to my baby girl..It’s not a regular job, where you do what needs to be done and then you break. It hits you hard and fast when you have that little angel, that they need you for everything in the world and for a long time too.  Really, there could be no greater time spent towards something, than this.

When Ryan and I moved to Northern California for his internship we left Utah with a 6 week old. For anyone who has had a baby, this is super new especially it being the first baby I had. I was in one 4 credit class through the summer while I had my little newborn and we lived in a brand new, never before experienced area, where we had no one we knew within hours. So as a new momma coming into this with a lot on her plate, you can see how easy it was not to go out and not to get dressed. I literally didn’t know where to go or who to see or what things were even available to me.
I would help my little angel all morning, still in pajamas, and then go right into homework, still in pajamas, while I still was taking care of my baby, and then all of the sudden it would be time for dinner and Ry would be coming home soon..
Most days I literally thought, why should I get dressed or do makeup and hair, if I literally have nothing else going on today besides being at home?? But I noticed a pattern with this state of mind that started to spiral me downward into a depression that was beginning. I really didn’t want to feel sad or depressed, but I felt it coming. So, I talked to my Ry about what I was feeling and he helped me sort through some good options of looking forward to things out and about instead of having nothing. I started to get dressed, hair done and makeup every single day. I did it even if I literally had no plans. After so much thought of getting dressed for going no where and feeling like it would be worthless, I started to get ready every day for me. For me as a mommy and a wife. Because I realized that as I started to get dressed every day for me, I was ready for more opportunities, I felt like a better mommy and wife and I was ready to go out or have someone over, because I was feeling presentable and up for anything.

This skill I learned I have taken with me since. I have seen the joy and blessing it has been and more get done because I realized how valuable it was for me to feel good. The joy of getting me ready and getting Aliah ready too, has become my favorite part of our day. We connect through it and I find so much joy in it. I get so excited about how I get her dressed and done up with me for every new day. I have never felt more joy in anything else in life than in being a wife and mommy. Aliah is the joy of our lives and has brought us more happiness than we could have imagined. So really the effort and work becomes the joy! Get dressed for you. And love it.

Thanks for reading, and I wanted to do a quick recap of New York Fashion Week with you too!
These are a few of my favorite looks...

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