Long Grey Cardigan-Cents of Style//Black Tee-Target//Pants, old similar here//Combat boots//Red Lipstick-Mac//

I love long cardis…This grey one goes with literally everything, even dresses and skirts so it’s kind of awesome in that way! It changes up a look and adds a really cool element to it. With a normal black on black outfit, there’s a lot more to it with the cardigan..Also if you have a normal dress you love to wear, throw this over it and it adds a whole new look to the outfit. Pieces like these are what I personally like to invest in, because I use and reuse my staple pieces everyday, and something like this cardigan is what makes a whole new outfit! I was searching for one like this for a while now, and now that I have it, you will be seeing a lot more of it!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


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beauty roundup

Well, this is the beauty roundup for this week..These are products I have either been using and LOVING or stuff I am on the verge of buying because I have heard amazing things about it.

Okay so, from Left to Right, The Maybelline Primer and Illuminator- I have heard good things about this, it’s the two in one which is awesome and for a low cost (Under 10)..

Next is the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish, which I also do not have yet, but am on the verge of buying..I have heard it’s a great bronzer and only $32!

Mac foundation is what I have been using. I love it. You don’t need very much to make it effective and its good to your skin. Love it Love it.

Next is the Pure Spin by Vanity Planet. Oh My Gosh I love this so much! I started washing my face with it every night and it clears up everything so quickly! Just two nights using it and I saw immediate benefits! Also, it’s not as pricey as the Clarisonic so that’s a bonus!

Okay La Mer I keep hearing SO MUCH about and I decided I just have to try the powder out. Apparently it’s amazing for you face..So I will have to let you know how I feel when I get this one..but it’s definitely a good brand so it’s gotta be good!

The Dove Dry Spray is MY NEW FAVORITE THING!!! I literally will NEVER go back to regular deodorant! I spray it on in the morning and first of all, it smells AMAZING, but second, it does not rub off onto my clothes, AND it also smells just as fresh way into the night as it did when I first put it on. I won’t lie…It has changed my morning routine and I love it. Plus it’s at target and only 5$…So worth it!

Okay this Artis Oval Face Brush has me all curious…I am dying to just get one already…I take a little bit of time before I buy most new beauty products..I like to hear a lot about it first, but this one looks awesome. Instead of the beauty blender you blend with this and it seems to be flawless and amazing! I saw it on my friend’s snapchat the other day and she tried it as she was doing her makeup and I loved the way it made her look..I am already sold! And just a tip, cause I have been researching this since, it seems like the best face size brush out of all of them is the Oval 7…

Of course everyone needs some spray to finish off the makeup routine..And Urban Decay never disappoints so I thought I would throw that one in..

Last but not least, Cetaphil is my fave face cleaner lately…I have used a few things, but I bought a big bottle of this, and I use it with my Pure Spin every night and my face is very happy…

I hope this helped with some tips for some products you could try and if you love something already let me know!!



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IMG_2395 (2)IMG_2406IMG_2412IMG_2423IMG_2424IMG_2427IMG_2428IMG_2467IMG_2469IMG_2479IMG_2482

Dress-Pippa&Julie//Knee High Socks//Silver Flats//White Collared Shirt-Zara//Grey Bow-Little Poppy Co//

This is literally one of my all-time favorite styles ever….And little girl version?? Even cuter! I love anything with pleats, and I LOVE the soft grey plaid design in this Pippa&Julie dress..

These knee high socks and the grey bow really pulled everything together too..

Make sure to check out Pippa&Julies site for adorable dresses! And cute outfits too!



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Striped Shirt-Aro&Co//White Jeans-Nordstrom//Denim Vest-Target//Hunter Boots-Hunter//Red/Orange Lipstick-Mac//

Aliah’s Look: White Top-Kardashian Kids//Heart Leggings-Similar//Flats-Old Navy//

This striped top is super comfy and flattering! It has a tighter fit but is stretchy so it is so nice on! These outfits for me and Aliah is an idea for a pre-Valentine’s Day look!  Check out Aro&Co…There are some adorable tops on sale I just love!


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