Babymoov Humidifier//

I love Babymoov! The options for parents are soooo great, like this humidifier, food processors and even little seats for on the go!

I took a lot of pics of the different colors that the humidifier can show because this is such a cool feature I wanted to display! We love choosing a color and it works as a nice nightlight for Londyn. Also, I love that the air is cleaner and the humidifier can be adjusted for mist output. AAAnd another thing is this humidifier also diffuses oils! What a smart idea that it does all of this, cause then you can have the one machine for the nursery and it handles different situations depending on the needs.

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Top-Denim to Lace//

I love the tops that are an easy stretch and light weight so that I can throw it on all summer! I also love the versatility. With the length I can tie it up like this, or leave it down, or even tuck it in. I have another favorite to show you soon that I got from Denim to Lace. They have some really pretty options!



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