Cardigan//Striped Tee//Leggings-similar//Boots-similar//Sunnies-DIFF//Socks//

Striped tops and cardigans are some of my favorite things. This striped top is more like a tunic and I love how long it is! It’s super comfy and you can do a lot with it. Earlier in the day I wore it with a denim jacket and it was so cute. Later I threw this comfortable thick pink cardigan on and it is SO amazing! I love thick cardigans that are warm and cute, but this one is seriously amazing. It is pink first of all, (even though they offer more colors), and its super thick and warm, and it has pockets! Another thing I love is how long it is. You can wear a shorter or longer top underneath and it goes with both. It’s so cute. And this is a one size fits all cardi, and it looks so good! I like throwing colors like blush, or rose and stuff like that into my winter wardrobe so that it keeps some tones light and soft. It mixes things up through the season. And bonus is it is super inexpensive. I have been working with Zaful and SammyDress a lot lately and I am in love with their prices and quality. I was always unsure of how the quality would be for such good prices, but I have to say, I’m super impressed. I like that I can check all the measurements online before I buy. Also you can take it from me with how things look and feel! I love these companies!


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Dresses-Leah and Pearl//

I got both of these dresses and love them, but the gray sweater dress didn’t fit me very well so I was visiting family, and I had my mother in law try it on and it looked so much better on her than me! So I thought it would be fun to have us both in this post so you can get a good feel for both dresses! The purple is a small, and the gray dress is a medium. I think the gray dress runs a little baggy for the cute sweater dress comfy feel.

These two dresses are so different and both so pretty! The purple one I am wearing is an empire waist with cute detailing and the length is perfect too! The sweater dress is comfy and has a cowl neck feel and both dresses have pockets!

I love Leah and Pearl and love that I can find so many unique pieces there that I can’t find anywhere else. Anyway, go check them out!



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Sweater Dress-Old Navy//Fur Vest-Similar//Moccasins-Freshly Picked//

We love Freshly Picked! And today a HUGE sale starts!! Make sure you go see!!



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My Look: Dress-Sew Trendy Accessories//

Ry’s Look: Sweater-H&M//Khakis-Banana Republic//Shoes-Urban Outfitters//

Aliah’s Look: Dress-Target//Faux Fur Vest-Similar//Shoes-Target//

Photography By 

Wendy Darling

Now, a few weeks into the third trimester, we are getting so much closer to meeting our sweet baby girl! Things are getting crazy as we are trying to get prepared and still work on our company and everything else with life! But we have our count down chain and we can’t wait to see baby sister! These pictures by Wendy Darling Photography make me so happy, this is the stage of our life right now and we feel so blessed especially with being able to capture it all in these pics. Because we are less than 10 weeks away til we see baby girl, I thought I would do a recap of my pregnancy so far and the things I have experienced throughout the last 30 weeks!

First Trimester:

I was so sick through the first and part of the second trimester it was kind of a blur in so many ways..Aliah and Ry were amazing as I did nothing a lot of the time but tried to survive. I was super touchy about my sleeping habits, like I slept really well thank goodness but I had to get almost 12 hours every night and some days I took naps too. It was crazy! Also I had to be really careful with what I ate, like any sweets, italian food and bad carbs made me soooo sick. The good things about it were that baby girl was growing great! And we were so excited to be having another baby it was hard for me to complain!

Second Trimester:

I was sick until about 16-17 weeks along and it started to fade finally. I felt so much better after that and could do so much more all of the sudden! I still had to get to sleep by ten or so or else I would feel sick the next day, but less naps and not even close to 12 hours anymore! Things were going great! Also I could try eating some more things, but still the treats made me a little sick. So if I stayed away and tried to get sleep I felt pretty amazing! We started to be able to feel baby girl move at 13 weeks! Not really that she would move but her little body would stretch out and she would be right at the surface! It was incredible! That’s one of the biggest shocks of the second pregnancy is feeling her so much sooner. Not often, but finally by 17 weeks or so I felt her more and more and she still likes to stretch out a lot! And then by 19 or 20 weeks she had clear movements that all of us could feel! We got to find out the gender in the second trimester, and also we got lots and lots of ultrasounds! We did a 3D/4D and saw her beautiful face! She was at the very bottom and likes to stay there at all times! She was half way covering her face with her little hands and didn’t really want to give us a show! Just like her big sister!

But the difference in her and her sister is so clear! They both are relatively calm in there and don’t like to show us too much when we get to see them, but Aliah was as high as she could be and didn’t drop until a few minutes before delivery! Also Aliah wasn’t much of a mover at all..Like Ry barely got to feel movements cause she was so calm in there. This one however is a little more lively and she stretches out and likes to move and let us all feel her! She kicks when she knows her big sister is trying to feel her, and she lets Daddy feel too! It’s been so fun for all of us. She isn’t a crazy mover, just lets me know she’s in there.

Third Trimester:

So far the biggest changes is in the sleeping! My sleeping is a lot worse now, and she likes to  be the most active all through the night hours. I enjoy waking up to feel her have a little dance party sometimes though. She is already head down and growing so well! I also have to be extra careful with my eating again..I have to the whole time, but I notice a bigger difference in the third trimester again, like chips and white breads and sweats make me super sick..But the good news is, if I eat well and get to sleep at a decent hour, I feel pretty good! She sits so much lower than Aliah did so she isn’t hurting me too much yet with her little feet in my ribs! Also my body feels the changes coming so much faster this time! Like the pressure in my pelvis and my bones moving all has happened a lot quicker!

Overall, I enjoy the whole process mostly cause I know what this all brings and it’s worth every second. The only things we have had be a little scary is a heart condition I have called SVT which has made us run to the ER for some tests and followup cardiology appointments and test…Also about halfway through I fainted in the hallway at church! So crazy…So everything’s been a little more intense but I am sooooo thankful to have this angel and we are getting so excited to meet her!



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